Thursday, November 6, 2014

Farewell! (for now)

Soooo....yea.  That post title probably tipped you off that I am saying "good-bye" to my blog, at least for a while.  I never knew how much work went into running a successful blog, let alone an amateur one like DIY Lori.  It always seemed like I never had enough time to create project posts which included taking multiple pictures of countless steps, then writing a full explanation (that I would understand if I was a reader) and sprinkle in some cheerful wit.  Then there was (what I thought to be) the daunting task of getting into the bloglovin roll, linky parties, commenting on other popular blogs and begging to be a contributor on said blogs just to get more traffic.   I really, really wanted this blog to become something special and to help all the diy-ers out there like me who wanted/needed ideas and tutorials that were easy to follow.    Unfortunately, it started to become exhausting just thinking about what I HAD to do and sucking the joy out of the stuff I LOVED to do.   I'm sure y'all can dig it.  I just wasn't proud or happy because it was becoming something that felt forced.  I can't be the popular kid.  I'm not her.  I've never been her.  I just have to be myself in order to live this life happily.  My love for DIY and decorating will always be in my life because it's my passion and a true gut feeling.  But my kids and my husband need more of my focus and I have my eyes set on that prize.  Maybe sometime in the future I'll come back to blogging and maybe, just maybe, I'll see you again.  I am still active on Instagram and Pinterest and will pin/gram recipes, food, and even projects---just condensed in a check-this-out kind of way. ;)

To be honest, I am not even sure anyone but family members read my blog, but I'm glad I had this experience.  It taught me a lot about myself.  Where I need to focus, what parts of my life need attention, and just how RAD I am! :)  I feel so inspired and so creative and that makes my heart soar!

Keep living the dream, but remember to not settle for something someone else has.  Love your life.  Love yourself.  Be true to YOU.