Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's Fall! It's Halloween! Yippee!

Fall is in full swing!  Except in Texas.  In Texas early October is hot as hell...warm.  BUT the calendar and a few stray, cool wind snaps tell us it's be it!

My moods and hormones have also been in "full swing" lately so I'll keep this post short and as bitterly sweet as possible. ha. Trust me when I say, you're welcome.

I ADORE all things Fall!  Football (go COWBOYS!), changing leaves, autumn recipes (cinnamon, pumpkin, squash) those sparse, yet fresh north winds that eventually make their way to Texas and of course Halloween!  Some people (my husband to name one) think Halloween is dumb and for kids.  But for reals...if it has something, ANYthing to do with costumes, over the top makeup and wigs....I'm IN. ( I was probably drag queen-Esq in another life.)  I love the idea of creating a character you wouldn't normally be on any other day of the year.  It's your chance to bust out of your shell and let loose, so why not?  Plus there's candy...lots and LOTS of candy.  'Nuff said.

This year I got "witchy" with my decor without even realizing it.  Once I got started and looked around, I just kept going in that cauldron bubbling direction.  I made witch hats, witch's brew bottles and jars, etc.  Bonus that I so happen to like the idea of black and white and sparkle.

Here is my fireplace mantle that I classed up by keeping pictures, candles and owls in the mix.  I put my Cricut to use and made an "I put a spell on you" sign along with the gold cat picture on the end.

 (The cat graphic-cut from self adhesive vinyl-was placed on the glass of an old frame I got at Goodwill.  The cool effect of the lamp on the side table shining upward was a totally AWESOME surprise! )

I started hating these witch brew ingredient bottles and almost didn't use them until I found the perfect spot (on top of the fridge and away from little hands).  
The right accessories made it a cool "exhibit" of evil. ;) (cackle cackle cackle)

I purchased that centered "autumn greetings" wooden wreath several years ago.  It was once green, orange and white so I sprayed it this cool nickel color to go with the rest of the decor in my house.  Then added this star garland I got on sale at Joann.  (Might even reuse it for Christmas.)

Bringing it back to the kitchen.  I put up brown paper polk-a-dot wrapping paper and accessorized with my white dishes and black and white bowls to go with the rest of the decorations, including the jar of "Eye of Newt"-thanks Cricut.  
(The chevron  pumpkin artwork is a canvas, craft paper, modpodge, and wooden pumpkin. Super simple!)
Love this display the mosty most.  

Hopefully you guys got some good ideas from my fall favorites.  I sure had fun getting ready for one of my absolute favorite times of year!
Remember to think outside the cauldron and bring your witch out.  If the broom know the rest.  ;)

OH!  Here is a bonus picture of our kitchen table "turn table" as the girls call it.  They contributed by making the monsters-on-a-stick in the straw jar. :)  (Flameless candles for the skull heads...'cuz it wouldn't be unheard of for me to forget to blow out the real thing.)

Happy Harvest!  Happy Fall!  Happy Halloween, y'all!

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