Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Quick and Easy Table Makeovers!

I've been on quite a hiatus as of late.  Summer time keeps me busy and this year was especially nuts-o thanks to my daughter's 6th birthday FROZEN party.  I had a million  thousand ideas for her party and I wanted it to be epic.  Everything turned out nice except for the weather.  SO HOT and flies everywhere.  So much for the Frozen backyard oasis.  That's what I get for living in Central  Texas.  Such is life...and my girl had fun so that's all that matters.  

While working out the details of this party I needed to sprinkle in some other creativity so that I wouldn't go crazy.  My husband I bought this coffee table about 10 years ago while shopping for furniture to fill our house.  It was dark espresso and had been moved in and out of the family room, the living room, the garage so many times.  When I started my DIY journey (before the blog) this was one of the first pieces of furniture I decided to get creative with.  I discovered the chevron pattern and fell in love and my house is still filled with little bits of that whimsical pattern strewned everywhere.   Well, I tried to create said pattern on the top of the coffee table and it came out more zig-zag than chevron.  Oh well.  It was cute, and I give myself props for the hard work. 
Sometime later I bought a new rug that was a show piece all on it's own so I had to move my creation to the garage.  It waited there for a year (or more) with me going back and forth on whether or not to sell it.  I'm glad I didn't because I got a wild hair and was in the mood for something new, so I shopped my garage and found my little beauty under dust and array of garage-type things.  I used paint from my stair banister project so I didn't have to buy anything to recreate the top in a much more flattering design.  I really love how it came out and that there is still a faint reminder of what once was.  

*FYI about my DIY:  I sanded and painted it white, both times, and then used painter's tape to create my designs and it was obviously freehand. :)

The next thing I found in my disorganized chaos was a table I bought for under $7 at Goodwill.  I'm not even sure why I bought it only that it was interesting and looked like it would be decently easy to give a fun makeover to.  I am not a fan of country style furniture, BUT the table legs are so dreamy and I couldn't resist.  All it needed was contrasting paint (matching the coffee table) and some really cute mirrors I got at Garden Ridge Pottery ($2 a piece in floral/candle section).  It is the perfect size for a sofa side table so I made room and am so pleased with how it came out!   

*FYI on my DIY:  I sanded it all including the legs.  There were some left over imperfections on the legs and table top that I couldn't fix and I'm ok with it.  After all, nothing should be too perfect.  I used Gorilla Glue to attach the mirrors.   Love it.

I'm making it my mission for the rest of the summer to create things out of stuff I already have in my possession.  With my daughter's party expenses and our vacation coming up AND school supplies, I promised myself I would keep things in check and show you guys how to DIY on a budget!  My hubs will be happy. :)

Won't you join me on this budget friendly adventure? 
Let's get creative!

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