Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY Mud Rooms: Part Duex

This is a bit of "throw back Thursday" as I remember and re-do:  Mudrooms

Since having children I've discovered that you don't always know what you need until you've lived with it for a while (like say at least 8 months).  Things change often and kids grow and have new needs even more often.  When I created a mud room in my entry hall back in September '13, it worked great.  I really only needed it for a few pairs of teeny shoes and some storage for odds and ends like napkins and place mats.

Let me start with saying my home/style is ever changing.  I love new ideas and a fresh take on most anything.  It keeps my brain sharp and life interesting (I say that ALL the'll get used to me repeating myself....constantly).     :)

While working on my girls' playroom upstairs, I thought of this cute dresser and how awesome it would be to have a place to store their puzzles, games, paints and art up it went! (Enter my china cabinet project .   Everything that was in that dresser went into the cabinet nicely organized-for once.) I needed to keep that shoe bench because I was trying to spend as little money as possible.  I really loved this original idea and it was hard to tear it down and start over, but to make room for school and dance bags and jackets and a place for guests to set their stuff, mail, last minute hair accessories, etc.  It needed to be more of a "command center."

If you follow me on Facebook (if not....whatcha waiting for?? :)  you will remember when I posted the tip about adding faux wood contact paper to furniture.  That cube storage I posted is what I use in the mud room.  (Better Homes and Gardens

So inexpensive and easy to put together.  PERFECT for what we use them for.

So, after I made some new art work; assembled the cube storage; added a coat hook I got on Amazon; and got some new baskets from Target (amongst other things)....a new mudroom was born!

I love this.  It's fresh and bright and cheery!  I don't even miss the older version.  This definitely fits our needs better and everything is in ONE spot!  

One of my many mottoes when it comes to DIY/home decor is live with it for a little while and if you become frustrated by life's changes, adjust and keep on truckin'!

Enjoy your day!

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