Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two for One Post---Costume Box and Headband Tower!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
I have been working out two (aforementioned) ideas in my DIY brain for a while now, trying to figure out the right design for both.  Here is a two for one post on how those ideas came to life!  Enjoy!

Head Band Tower
Those of us with little girls, or short hair, or know that head bands are easy and quick when you have no time for that fancy "do."  I found myself collecting more, and more, and more head bands because my girls love them.....and well, so do I! :) The only problem is that they become a jumbled, tangled mess in the bathroom drawer.  UGH.  So annoying.  I thought what could I make to fix this problem and have it look pretty at the same time??  I know you are DYING to know what I came up with so I'll tell you....PVC pipe!    I took my family over to Lowe's and with both girls wearing headbands and I tried them on a couple of different sized PVC pipe pieces. (FYI:  I frequent both Lowe's AND Home Depot and I will praise them till I can't anymore ---they don't pay me --wish they did--but I have my own opinions about both and love them both pretty equally.  That is my blogger two cents.)  I found one size pipe that fit perfectly without stretching out the head band and proceeded to look for someone to cut if for me.  I wasn't sure if they would (It was about 24-28" long).  When we found someone he said they could NOT cut it for us and I was a little bummed but I was sure we had a hack saw somewhere in our massive collection of tools (that I can NEVER find--and will likely be an organization project and blog post in the near future--sorry babe).  The guy at Lowe's saw my dismay and came over and said, "I'll cut it for you...come this way."  YES!!  I took one "little" to the potty and came back to find that he had in fact cut it, as I saw the two pieces in my hubby's hands.  He said, "so he didn't cut it perfectly, but the guy was definitely struggling and working hard."  I couldn't be mad at that and I knew I could sand it down if I needed to.  I instantly took hold of them and started studying and spinning my wheels.  So now I had two and could make one tower for my girls and one for...ME! :)

I sanded the edges to make it smooth and painted one a fresh coat of white and the other a pretty aqua.  Because they kinda resemble a vase, I used it as such.  Dual purpose???  I am all over that!  All. Day.  I had to make a run to Hobby Lobby for some unrelated items and found that their clearance aisle is FULL of spring items 80% off!!  WHAAAT??  (They already had Fall and half of Christmas So you know spring sale means flowers on sale....and I found some really cute felt flowers that went perfectly with my girls' bathroom decor.  Originally $ $1.60!  Yes, please!

So here you go ...a collage of this mini, easy project for a beautiful quick fix !

Costume Box/Chest
I have been working on my master closet makeover for a couple of months now.  It's taking FOREVER because it's so small and I want it to show as much organization, maximization of small space, and style that I can incorporate, then I will make the "big" reveal right here!  Hang in's literally in the home stretch!  One of the things I have wanted is a really cool box I can store my Halloween costumes in.  I'm REALLY kinda into Halloween and this box is ONLY for my stuff.  The girls' have a few boxes of dress up and Halloween costumes, and they still can't wrap their heads around the fact that this box is Mommy's.  It's so funny to them.   :)  First step was asking my dad to make a chest/trunk like he did for my youngest daughter's room.  She needed a toy box and he came to the rescue so I didn't have to pay a million dollars for what I wanted.  (Toy boxes/chests are ridiculously expensive!)  So my dad made this one!   Cute, huh?

I asked my dad to make it not because I'm afraid but because I don't own an awesome table saw like he does, however, it is on my list to Santa this year!  My dad was more than happy to make a slightly smaller version of this toy box so that it would fit my closet needs.  It was really important that I have storage that could double as a seat, so this design is perfect.  Here is the chest/box he created with my stylish spin!  I used stencilling and hot glued small craft mirrors to give it some dimension.  I can't wait to incorporate it into my closet design scheme and give my Halloween costumes a new home.  SO rad.

And there you have it, my two for one DIY project post!
I hope you get inspired by something today.  Whether it's chaos that needs to be organized, or something plain that needs to be jazzed up....take a leap in the creative direction!

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY Mud Rooms: Part Duex

This is a bit of "throw back Thursday" as I remember and re-do:  Mudrooms

Since having children I've discovered that you don't always know what you need until you've lived with it for a while (like say at least 8 months).  Things change often and kids grow and have new needs even more often.  When I created a mud room in my entry hall back in September '13, it worked great.  I really only needed it for a few pairs of teeny shoes and some storage for odds and ends like napkins and place mats.

Let me start with saying my home/style is ever changing.  I love new ideas and a fresh take on most anything.  It keeps my brain sharp and life interesting (I say that ALL the'll get used to me repeating myself....constantly).     :)

While working on my girls' playroom upstairs, I thought of this cute dresser and how awesome it would be to have a place to store their puzzles, games, paints and art up it went! (Enter my china cabinet project .   Everything that was in that dresser went into the cabinet nicely organized-for once.) I needed to keep that shoe bench because I was trying to spend as little money as possible.  I really loved this original idea and it was hard to tear it down and start over, but to make room for school and dance bags and jackets and a place for guests to set their stuff, mail, last minute hair accessories, etc.  It needed to be more of a "command center."

If you follow me on Facebook (if not....whatcha waiting for?? :)  you will remember when I posted the tip about adding faux wood contact paper to furniture.  That cube storage I posted is what I use in the mud room.  (Better Homes and Gardens

So inexpensive and easy to put together.  PERFECT for what we use them for.

So, after I made some new art work; assembled the cube storage; added a coat hook I got on Amazon; and got some new baskets from Target (amongst other things)....a new mudroom was born!

I love this.  It's fresh and bright and cheery!  I don't even miss the older version.  This definitely fits our needs better and everything is in ONE spot!  

One of my many mottoes when it comes to DIY/home decor is live with it for a little while and if you become frustrated by life's changes, adjust and keep on truckin'!

Enjoy your day!