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Style is Evolution

Yesterday I took a walk through my house and soaked in my "style."  I've never been one to want to put labels on things because how dare we label personal expression.  We shouldn't, and the truth is we just can't.
When it comes to said style there are similarities among us, but not one of us is exactly the same.  I don't know about you, but I like it that way.  Most of us need a little help with implementing our ideas but no matter how many ideas you get on Pinterest or DIY blogs, you will always put your own personal spin on it.  Whether you realize it or not, your vision comes through in the finished product.
I feel like I'm one of those Texas breezes that can change the weather in an instance, and within hours flip it right back again.  Some days I go to bed trying to rework a project in my head, even though I already completed it--THAT DAY.  Clearly I have issues and it isn't sitting well with me.  Thanks to this idiosyncrasy, my style is constantly evolving.  Grant it some things do stay the same for longer stretches, but only because they are appealing to me and work well for the time being.  Quite often I have people come over and comment how I've changed something, or added this or that.  I honestly love hearing that.  My mission is to fluff my life as much as I can because it keeps things fresh, unique and interesting.   That idea is not everyone's cup of tea and I get that.  Some times I yell at myself to stop having so many ideas...but is that seriously a problem???  NO.  :)  That is who I am and I will not apologize for being quirky and a refresher.  I think the reason why I haven't done a home tour photo gallery yet is because of the evolution that is DIYLori.  Don't IS coming soon!

Here are a few quick and simple ideas for refreshing your nest this week!
1.  Update the (or add) throw pillows.  Pops of colors and complimenting patterns add a cool contrast and some character to a dark couch or neutral room.  I love the collections at Ikea.  So unique and affordable!
2.  Get out the spray paint and update those frames!   Using a single color will create uniformity among all the different sizes and shapes that you may have.  One can of Rustoleum at Walmart is $3.77!  So cheap!  Create a  photo gallery on a plain wall and if you don't have a lot of frames go thrifting (Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales, etc.).  Inexpensive and interesting frames await!
3.  Knobs, pulls, handles...oh my!  Clearly I love all knobs (ha) and changing up a dresser or cabinet can make the piece and even the room look brand new.  In my experience, Hobby Lobby has the best variety of hardware especially for the price.  Most weeks they are half off so that's a huge bonus!
4.  Last but not least, rearrange whatcha got.  Quite often I bring items from upstairs to my downstairs (and vice versa) to give it a new life and home.   And it's FREE! :)

Remember to love what you love.  It's ok to be a part of the flock but it's also ok to be the "black sheep" once in a while.  Your "style," whatever it may be, is you: on a bookshelf; in a rug; in a lamp; and in a paint color... it's all YOU (and if it's not "you"'ll feel it).  Don't be sorry if someone doesn't like it.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Live that.

On a side note:  My husband took some new pictures of me because it was just time to update my 2+ year old picture.  
So this is the new look of DIYLori!  Thanks, babe. :)

Now go will feel renewed!


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