Monday, March 17, 2014

Spray Paint is Essential in a DIY-er's Life

Let me preface that post header with "in my opinion."  In my quest to make all old/ugly/dated things beautiful, I've become a junior expert on the ins and outs of painting.  Like for instance, I wish I had my high powered, air compressor spray paint gun when we decided to paint our kitchen cabinets. Even though we researched for days and days and too many more days, bought the expensive paint and primer and perfect brushes, sanded until we were bleeding, things still didn't come out exactly as I'd hoped.  Another example is painting furniture.  Sometimes the rollers make patterns if you don't load them evenly and with the right amount of paint.  Sometimes the brushes annoyingly leave hairs in random corner that you don't see until said furniture is 100% dry....with the second coat.  UGH.  Then you have to sand it or leave it, and I choose to leave it sometimes because I am sick of steps 1 through 50.  Blah.  Now, spray painting DOES have it's downfalls, depending on which brand you use.  I find some brands work better for certain things and others on different things.  I try to keep that in the old memory bank so  I know which one will give me a nightmare on metal, but will work like a charm on plastic or wood.  Of course there is the stench of spray paint that can cause thousands of brain cells to burn always wear your ventilator masks people!  Your spraying technique can also wreck havoc on your projects if you don't take care to be patient.  This was me for many projects in the beginning, but I've learned to calm down and realize it's much more important to not have splotches and drips than it is to be done faster than fast.  Another downfall to spray paint is if you have a very large piece of furniture you could spend a small fortune on how much you will need.  If you are a serious DIYer and love to paint lots and lots of different things, I recommend getting a spray gun for those bigger projects.  Just pour the paint in and you're ready.  Click here for this cool sprayer I found recently on Amazon that gets good reviews.  Of course it's up to you what you think is best for your needs.
It seems, now that I write it all out, that maybe canned paint and spray paint have equal downfalls (that surprised me! :) )  BUT the convenience and even coats more than make up for the short comings of my loving spray paint.  The fact that you can make it look solid and dang near perfect is A-ok in my book.

Since apparently I'm such an advocate for spray painting I thought I'd be cool and give you a few tips that I've learned through trial and error...many errors. :)
1.  Always shake the can thoroughly.  On a rare occasion you will find that some colors just don't mix together the way they are supposed to.  No matter how much you "angry shake" that can, it's just NOT going to mix.  Throw it away and go find another brand that is similar to that color.  It may be something you like just as much with a lot less frustration involved.
2. Spray the can in long side to side, even strokes.  Let go of the nozzle, then spray in long even strokes again.  (Try not to continuously spray like you're in an alley somewhere breaking the law!  You're just asking to get busted by the drip police!)  You have to spay on nice even light coats, even if you have to come back a few times.  It should be as even as possible...if you are in control.
3.  Be sure that your first coat is dry and dust off the air particles that have landed on your project ie: dust particles, fuzz, etc.  Using some gentle sandpaper skills can help get those bits off before your next coat. Just be sure to wipe it with a dust magnet cloth.

Here are my top three favorite brands and colors:
1.  Number ONE has got to be Rust-Oleum in Flat Black.  The coverage is beyond compare.  It will likely cover anything!

2.  Valspar Satin White.  It has a soft sheen and the coverage is a very close second to Rust-Oleum.

3.  Krylon Premium Metallic in Chrome kicked my wooden bar stool in a modern yet retro direction. (Normally the nozzle on Krylon bugs me, but this can has a more substantial applicator.)

Hope you guys got some good information out of my love fest for spray paint.
Happy painting!

**The content in this post is only the opinions and experiences of DIY Lori.  I was not compensated for said opinions.

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