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DIY China Cabinet Transformation Tutorial!

This ugly green thing was a STEAL at one of the many local consignment shops in my area.  I like this one particular shop the most because the prices are absolutely affordable and usually all their pieces are in decent condition.  Actually the chairs I used for my re-upholstery tutorials were bought at the same place.  Anyway, I had been looking a long time for a cabinet to put in my dining room.  Most people on craigslist are VERY proud of their oldies but goodies.  Seriously...most of that stuff is a re-do waiting to happen, they need to remember that the 70's can't really claim any's simply "teak."  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but in my opinion it is one of the easiest decades/finishes to paint.  Moving on...I finally talked  my husband into heading over to the consignment shop and as we made our way through, I spotted this avocado green, Asian inspired diamond in the rough.  The price was the best part (not to mention the fac…

DIY: Crate Bookshelf Tutorial

Greetings, y'all!
I promised some tutorials for my recent post:  DIY: Girl's Bedroom Makeover so here is the first!

The crate bookshelf
I purchased three white washed crates at Joann on a whim.  There was much debate in my brains about what kind of bookshelf I wanted my girl to have.  I had no idea what I was going to do until I walked past the only three crates Joann had.  (check them out here)  They are slightly more expensive than the non-stained ones, but acquiring the white washed created one less step for me so it worked out well.

Next, the hard part of lining them up :) (I had a tiny helper)
Once everything was how I wanted it I used wood glue for some added stability then anchored them down with wood screws on each of the "shelf" corners. 
Following this step I added some contact paper to the shelf of each crate to cover the handle hole.  It's not necessary but I thought it would add a touch of style and a tiny bit of stability for books. 
It's really…