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DIY Girl's Bedroom Makeover!

Happy 2014! I hope your holidays were filled with love and joy and that January proved to be a wonderful start to the new year.

I'm back with a HUGE project to share with you!  Sometimes my ideas come in size XX-Large rather than small so I just have to roll with it and try to remember to document every detail so that I can share it with all of you.

My big girl has been wanting to change her room color for a LONG time.  I've heard, "mommy, can I have a pink room....I just don't like the green anymore."  Never did I consider PINK for this room, "subtle" was the word when planning her nursery way back when so I chose a muted, medium green color called "green tea leaves."  It was accented with white lace curtains and white decor.  The room was peaceful and tranquil, exactly what I wanted for a newborn baby.  I think it definitely helped because she's always slept so soundly.

The Nursery.

Fast forward to 2014 and my "baby" is now 5 1/2 years old and her personality has changed (and her room changed a little along the way as well).  She is my little artist and loves all colors but is a pretty pink princess at heart.  Let me put out there that I've never been a princess mom.  I never wanted to shower my girls in that very frilly color pink but I have evolved as they have. :) Only issue I had with her request is that my daughter's favorite color is DARK pink and I just wasn't willing to go there.  However, I did have a plan in mind and it really took no convincing whatsoever on her part.  She faithfully put it in her mom's hands.

Here is her finished room!  Pretty in pink!

 The wall color we used is called Pink Whisper (Valspar at Lowe's).  It took two gallons to paint over the Green Tea Leaf color (walls and ceiling).  Thankfully my husband came to the rescue AGAIN and helped me finish up the chaos when I was edging very close to an "I hate painting rooms!!!!" breakdown.

This dark pink chevron bedding is from (alternative).  It's reversible with a smaller grey and white chevron zag.  I painted the "wishing tree," which is what we call it when she has bad dreams, and got most of the other decor on this wall at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

After trying to find the right bookshelf for her I decided to get creative and make one out of the white wash crates from Joann and some left over con-tact paper I had on hand.  
*Tutorial coming soon!*

I fell in love with these door knob drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby (in store only) and HAD to use them to update her Ikea bed in a more shabby chic kinda way.  I got lucky they were 50% off at the time and she absolutely LOVES them! (PS--those built in drawers in her bed are amazing for toys, blankets and all other things little girls "need!")

A lot of things were compiled for this show wall.  From my childhood and hers.  A few things from goodwill and pictures, along with wooden plaque artwork I created just for her. 

This shelf was installed WAY up high so anyone taller than her wouldn't smack their head on the way into her room.  Also so her little sister couldn't get to the vintage Cinderella figurines.  (There was definite broken pieces being foreshadowed.)

Strawberry Shortcake clock and Princess CD player are both from goodwill.  "Love" mirror from Hobby Lobby.
I'm in love with her glass door knob purse hanger.  I almost kept it for myself!

If you follow my blog you have seen this vanity makeover before.  However, it has been made over one more time with darker pink on the drawers.  It just kind of goes better with the room now along with the same black and white vine con-tact paper I used on the bookshelf.  I used the gold dot curtain fabric to makeover the little white stool as well.

The curtains were "FUN" and constructed by me.  I fell in love with the idea of combining two contrasting patterns for a modern and girly feel (I ordered the gold dot and baby girl blue chevron from  I kept her lace curtains as a frame for the new panels and to add a touch of whimsical softness.  Maybe I want to start a trend---the three panel curtains trend. :)  It COULD catch on!

Natalie loves this little spot where she can house all her dolls, figurines, jewelry and animals.

Disclaimer:  There were a LOT more stuffed animals than this but I asked some of them to step out of the room so I could take some beauty shots.  They were all invited back in right afterwards.  No stuffed animal was hurt or shamed during the making of this post. :)

I'm so incredibly happy with how this room turned out.  It was a lot of work but also completely worth it to see my Natalie enjoying every second of her new big girl room!  I sometimes feel like it's TOO grown up but that makes her even happier.  ;)  I have started the idea process on a "Barbie neighborhood cul-de-sac" coming soon to one side of her closet....can't wait to get started on that!  (If perhaps one day I go missing, one MIGHT find me in there.) ;)  

I hope you guys find some good ideas while browsing my pictures, aaaaaand as a BONUS, I will have short tutorials on a few of the things I created for her room coming up next week... so stay tuned!

Go fluff, recreate, or makeover something today and enjoy every second of it!


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