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A DIY Lori Christmas Special!

Greetings andhappy holidaysto you all!  I wanted to share some Christmas spirit and what better way than a DIY Lori Christmas decor extravaganza!  My house is FILLED with my creations this year.  I probably took on too much considering Santa needs a ton of help and my husband's birthday falls so close to the "big day," but I just couldn't stop myself.  A few things were created last year; acquired several years ago;  some updated pieces; a lot of the items hot off my glue gun and paint crusted work table. :)

First off, welcome to my home...(maybe one day I will brave a full on tour, after I've accomplished some other big projects I have planned for early 2014.  If my husband is reading this right now he probably sighed loudly and his eyes rolled around a few times. ;)  

Soooo...let's get on with the tour, shall we?

 I'm starting with my mantel because I love it so much.  My taste and admiration for things change occasionally, so this mantel got a holiday…

Upholstery and Design and a Giveaway!

Greetings DIY-ers!  Today I'm going back in time and revisiting my upholstery projects and sharing a giveaway tip I received from a fellow DIY blogger.  Yay!

If you follow me here at home or on My Pinterest Boards, you know that I have this love/hate relationship with upholstering.  I hate the work, but love love love the outcome MORE.  It's all worth the bloody, stiff fingers and many mistakes and do-overs that I have to power through to get to the finish line. Would you like to see the projects (again)?   Sure!  :) 
My first (click here for blog post):

My Second (click here for blog post): 

I like to remind myself that hard work and determination is all I ever need to put forth when doing super huge projects like these!
So, recently I received a sweet comment on the pink chair post from the lovely ladies at The Little Yellow Couch.  Sad to say I wasn't aware of their blog since sometimes I barely have time to breathe, let alone look at the glorious creations of others-hate…