Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A DIY Lori Christmas Special!

Greetings and happy holidays to you all!  I wanted to share some Christmas spirit and what better way than a DIY Lori Christmas decor extravaganza!  My house is FILLED with my creations this year.  I probably took on too much considering Santa needs a ton of help and my husband's birthday falls so close to the "big day," but I just couldn't stop myself.  A few things were created last year; acquired several years ago;  some updated pieces; a lot of the items hot off my glue gun and paint crusted work table. :)

First off, welcome to my home...(maybe one day I will brave a full on tour, after I've accomplished some other big projects I have planned for early 2014.  If my husband is reading this right now he probably sighed loudly and his eyes rolled around a few times. ;)  

Soooo...let's get on with the tour, shall we?

 I'm starting with my mantel because I love it so much.  My taste and admiration for things change occasionally, so this mantel got a holiday sprucing from what it was last year.
(I apologize for the brightness in this picture, clearly I need to KEEP practicing with ye ole professional camera.  I do like the way the lights twinkle though. :)  The stockings were made by me from I made the stocking itself....not fun. pfff.  BUT they came out great (after I threw away the first set :) and I am proud!  The white stars I got at Hobby Lobby  were wood that I painted white and sprayed with gold glitter.

I made this "JOY" sign out of a burlap canvas that I smeared with silver and gold paint; grey spray painted cardboard letters; small wooden stars I hand painted white; and sprayed the whole thing with gold glitter.  The white Christmas tree was an ugly wood, green '90s style piece that I got at Goodwill and painted to make it look snow covered.  The owl is a Hobby Lobby beauty I got 50% off. (I looked on their website but can't find it.)

The grey tree was also a hidden gem I got at Goodwill for $2 that is wooden and was still wrapped in plastic.  I'm not sure what it was supposed to be.  I glued jingle bells in a row down every other corner and sprayed it grey and with gold glitter as well.  (Have you figured out that I am really into glitter spray this year! :)  The pink glitter trees and white owl are also from Hobby Lobby.
I <heart> owls.

This plank sign and garland was about as good as I could get with decorations considering I am always having to decorate around a ginormous TV and surround sound !  UGH.  Anyway, I made this Christmas sign out of  a plank I had in my garage and a piece of scrap wood from my staircase make over.  I wanted something unique and this little beauty was born.  Something was missing, however, so I added some white glitter stars for some extra twinkle and magic. :)

The stairs were touchy for me since I didn't really want to hang anything on my newly painted banisters, but my husband loves this so I did it for him. :)  Instead of intertwine the garland like I normally do, I looped it and added, white sparkle stars to tie in with the mantle.

I went with something simple for the crate table since I have kiddos who mess with EVERYthing.   Lanterns on a tray say "old fashioned Christmas"....especially with flame-less tea lights! ;)

Kitchen love.  

For a while I had been looking for a rustic rectangular box to house napkins and silverware for my kitchen table, but came across this cute box shelf that was 50% off at Hobby Lobby (check it out here---on sale!). It's perfect, and when I'm sick of it (and that WILL happen), I can hang it somewhere.  I did things fairly simple in here with some jingle sprigs and soft cotton snowflakes. 

My Dad cut these wooden presents out for me that I was originally going to use outside, but was too worried they'd get ruined.  So up they went to add some color and cheer!  
Wonder which one is for me? ;)

If you follow my blog you have seen my "mudroom" before.  Here it is dressed for the season.
  The Christmas tree art is more scrap wood from the stairs I painted free hand and hot glued clear jewels to.  (Nothing gets wasted from my projects y'all!) 

I changed out the scrap book paper in these frames to go with the decor for the holidays and of course had to clip in some old school Christmas photos of my girls.  :)

Here's a better shot of the black Christmas trees on the shelf that were originally white foam cones I painted and decorated.

 Living room wall:  Buddy the Elf saying on canvas with wooden, sparkly music notes and stars is probably my favorite.  I started off wanting to stencil the words, but me + stenciling = epic fail....EVERY....TIME.  So I copied the letters from sight and painted them myself.  Trust me when I say that this is MUCH better than the way the original plan was playing out.

 This poor bookshelf got shoved in the corner because this room is the only place for the tree and well, I have GIANT furniture.  

Guess what this is made out of???  YES!  Another scrap wood block painted into a winter wonderland. :)

Dining room side table.

  As you can see our Elf on the Shelf, Starry had to make a cameo. :)

I found that gold reindeer at Goodwill, he was a tarnished silver, but you know....
he needed a gold glitter shower. :)

Our Tree.
(Singing: "Aaaaaaaaaaaah'!)

Would like to share some custom ornament ideas with you guys, so I will. :)
 I bought some clear ball ornaments of various sizes a couple of years ago and wasn't quite sure what to do with them...then.  
Here are a few ideas I came up with:

1.  Fill it up with ribbon, in this case I chose pink.

2.  Add sparkly family name initials. 

3.  Painted with initials.  First, I poured white craft paint inside-about a 1/3 full and flipped it upside down in an empty egg carton.  It coated the ornament beautifully!  I made 4 of these and hand painted each of our initials on them in black and dotted with a heart.
I <heart> hearts.

 4.  Continuing with paint, I did this swirly, tie-dyed effect by pouring pink and white paint inside the ball and turning a few times to get it to smear and run together.  Then I flipped it upside down into the egg carton.  
(Just a suggestion, but try to let painted ornaments dry at least 24 hours before 
turning right side up.)

TELL ME you guys have made one of these for your kiddos!  I saw something like this on pinterest last year and had to give it a try.  Felt sticks to felt!  Have fun with it!  
My girls love decorating their tree. :)

Here are the wreathes I put together, inside and outside of my house.

I hope y'all are still with me!  We are sadly at the end of the tour, but I saved the best for last!  

Our snowman!
I picked this handsome guy up at Goodwill.  He had no hat; he was faded and yellow; he had an ugly piece of old garland stapled to his body and he was shamefully sporting a country vibe maroon ribbon scarf. ew.  Luckily for him I saw huge potential!  I repainted him a bright white; repainted his face and base; added new buttons; made a top hat out of a foam circle, cardboard paper and batting; gave him a cool gold scarf; and anointed him with the VERY important job of address holder/front door greeter. :)
The girls call him Frosty and we're happy he's here. :)
 (address snuffed out-he's our guard too!) :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this very, very long Christmas Decor post.  I wanted to share all the ideas I've had "exploding" in mind this year and I think this sums it up nicely.  

There is no way I could thank you enough for coming by to take a walk through my DIY world over the last several months.  I love to share my ideas with all the creative peeps in the world and it makes my heart soar to know that maybe you got a little spark from something I shared with you.  Creating is my passion and this blog needs to reflect that a little better so it will become more of a priority to me in the new year to share my projects more often.  Blogging definitely helps my mommy brain take a break and recharge for our family's next adventure.  

Crafting is good for the soul so let that creative flag fly high and show the world whatcha got!  

2014 Is going to be a great year full of new projects, big and BIGGER.   I can't wait to get started and show you what I've got up my sleeve! ;)

Have very, very happy holidays.  I wish you peace and much joy now and in the coming year.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Upholstery and Design and a Giveaway!

Greetings DIY-ers!  Today I'm going back in time and revisiting my upholstery projects and sharing a giveaway tip I received from a fellow DIY blogger.  Yay!

If you follow me here at home or on My Pinterest Boards, you know that I have this love/hate relationship with upholstering.  I hate the work, but love love love the outcome MORE.  It's all worth the bloody, stiff fingers and many mistakes and do-overs that I have to power through to get to the finish line. Would you like to see the projects (again)?   Sure!  :) 

I like to remind myself that hard work and determination is all I ever need to put forth when doing super huge projects like these!

So, recently I received a sweet comment on the pink chair post from the lovely ladies at The Little Yellow Couch.  Sad to say I wasn't aware of their blog since sometimes I barely have time to breathe, let alone look at the glorious creations of others-hate that.  However, I spent most of  my free time today (in between nap time and pick-up-kid-from-school time and photography practice) going through as many of their posts as I could and I was/am super impressed by their creativity!   If you haven't checked out their blog yet, do yourself a favor and head on over!  Did I mention you can SHOP there too!?  They have some really cute gifts for the holidays in their store.  
Ok, let me get back on track. :)  I'm not the best at linking up with others in the DIY blog world and/or spreading the word on cool things I find, like I've said a million times before, things for this mom can get cray (without the "z").  I am now putting forth my best efforts to share things and people that inspire me.  Because I am fully aware that upholstery projects ain't for sissies, I think what the gals (Zandra and Karen) at The Little Yellow Couch are doing is great.  They are currently giving away a copy of Spruce which is a super informative, step-by-step guide to upholstery and design.  (Hands in the air and singing:  "AWESOME!")  Check out The Little Yellow Couch giveaway and DIY project here!  Enjoy and good luck! 

Remember that hard work does pay off in the end! Never give up on what your creativity wants you to create.

Looking forward to sharing my DIY Christmas decor this week so stay tuned!