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DIY Staircase Makeover!

Long time no see me!
 I've been working for a few weeks on  my awesome staircase makeover project.  It was a LOT of work.  A LOT more than I (and everyone else involved) had anticipated.  Yikes.  This project was definitely not done in haste.  There was a tons of researching and even more convincing to do where my husband was concerned.  Usually it doesn't take much to say "hey, babe....I'm thinking of doing this..." and he's on board.  However, the staircase was major construction in his eyes which I thought was just crazy....he was crazy, NOT me. :)  If only I had looked through his analytic vision instead of my usual overly creative, rainbow colored glasses.  Everything was going to be simple I assured him.  Well I was <gulp> wrong.  That left a dirty taste in my mouth.

My research began in the folder of home building pictures we had an abundance of.  If I could see what was constructed before the carpet was put on I would be able to prove my case a…