Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mud Rooms

Y'all...I have been obsessed with mud rooms since I joined Pinterest.   They are so organized and so purposeful and soooo adorable.  I love the idea of coat racks and back pack hooks, secret shoe bins, labels mixed with fun decor.  I could go on and on and on about the magnificent that is mud rooms.  Sadly, our house was not designed to include one.  The front door and garage door are just a few perpendicular feet away from each other.  I didn't realize how weird it was until I started noticing the laundry room and hallway combination from the garage that so many of you lucky people have.  My mission for almost a year has been to create a mud room....SOMEWHERE.  I've thought about knocking down walls and closets, taking doors off, eliminating rooms.  The ideas have been endless.  I was extremely close to converting my dining room (that is a flowing space into a useless formal living room---although I made it more of a lived in room recently).  I just have no clue where I would put my dining table and my hubs was completely against renting a storage unit.  I can't imagine why! ha.  Anyway, I had drawn out plans to create a kid central space in there with a new kids' farmhouse table and storage galore which included mud room capabilities.  It was also on point to get a new chandelier.  This all may come to pass sometime in the future, but I decided to put it on hold and do something on a smaller scale which meant my only option was to convert my front entry (between the front and garage door).  It is a rather long hall way with a huge wall full of possibilities.  On a trip to Goodwill a couple of months back I picked up a few different options for hanging and placing things on for when I got started.  The rest of the stuff  in there I already had or made.
I'm so inspired by how it came out!  This was an extensive thought process with a few failures or mistakes mixed into the beauty of it's outcome.   The hallway was "literally" screaming at me for something special and well, you're welcome, hallway.  :)  My daughters now have a place for their shoes that doesn't involve a daily search party in the closet, (oh hello beautiful turquoise bins!) and to sit and put them on.  A place for my school girl to hang her back pack and her dance bag.  There are even a few knobs leftover for visitors to hang their jackets on.   I still have mud room envy and will definitely make sure to include one in my next house, but this more than satisfies me for now. :)

(I will be posting a mini tutorial for my DIY hook system soon.)

Easy interchangeable picture frames. 
(contact paper on cardboard, inserted back into the glass frame.  Glittered clothes pins glued to glass.)

I bought and assembled this Closet maid bench + bins at Target.  
(The letters are just felt and spray adhesive).

Put those ideas into action!  It's so gratifying to accomplish something you didn't think possible.  Even if everyone hates it, all that matters is how much YOU love it.

Make your heart soar today and go create something!

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