Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY: Nightstand Refresh

Hey y'all!  I have a new "mini" tutorial for ya!
Our master bedroom has taken a turn into the brighten up stage, so I have been contemplating what to do with my dark espresso nightstands for quite some time.  Not only are they super heavy and have this slide out tray, but the knobs were proving difficult to take off as well (sigh).  With all of that adding up, painting seemed to be completely out of the question.  What's a DIY girl to do?  
After searching my crafting database (a.k.a. my brain) I remembered that I had this sheet of aluminum that I got at Hobby Lobby just cause I thought it was pretty and I assumed I could use it for art work.  That art project failed miserably, but for once I'm glad that it did!   I went back and forth on whether to install the aluminum on the table top, or put it on the doors.  So after some measuring and a very successful first cut and install on one door, that was the creative genius I was searching for.  :)  

Here is what the sheet of aluminum looks like at your local craft store.  There are SO many beautiful designs!

I started by removing the cabinet doors.  The doors have an inner framing so it was the perfect spot for the aluminum.  I measured and gave the aluminum an extra centimeter or two so that it would fit snugly into the frame. ( I needed a total of 1 sheet per nightstand---there were extras left over.)  Also, if you try this out, be sure to pay attention which way your design and border goes so you can match the doors.

(Pay no attention to the paint and stencil.  That was my first idea for these doors, but that didn't work AT ALL.)
Much to my dismay, I didn't have metal shears and my hubs didn't either.  I thought it was over until I discovered that regular scissors work just fine.   Yay!

You can see the corners are bending a little, but that was easy to fix by bending them back and then I secured them even further with the wall putty you can buy to keep your frames from shifting.  I didn't want anything permanent because I change things up so often and I didn't want a forever thing.  They are however very secure and very cool!!

Now what to do with the table top?  CONTACT PAPER!!  Y'all know I love that stuff.  Even though it's a pain in the's still so affordable and versatile.  And well, I had some on hand already.  :)

Before..(sorry for picture quality)


SO happy with this.  It has given some subtle color and shine to our evolving bedroom decor.  Hoping to put a home tour on my site soon!  If it can ever stay clean enough! ;)

**Side note:  I am blogging from my NEW craft room/office (that I am sharing with the hubs).  It's so lovely to be in a beautiful room surrounded by my creativity.  Before and after pics and how I crammed two people's interests and needs in one small room coming soon!**

Stay creative !!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY: Yet ANOTHER Chair Makeover! heard read that right.  I tackled my THIRD chair re-upholstery project.  This one...was...BRUTAL.  I seriously don't know if I would have attempted my second or third if this was my first.  Ya'follow?  Not sure if it was the millions of decorative brads all over the chair that had to be removed; or the many layers of fabric over lapping each other like an onion; or if it was the gross hamster bed batting that filled in the gaps.  Y'all...this stuff was a dream come true for any rodent's den:  sawdust, sticks and cotton mix. Yuck.  In all honesty, I don't really mind projects like this because I count it as a massive learning tool for future projects....distant future. :)

Anyway, this chair has sat in my parents' house for about 30+ years.  The poor dear was tired of his late 70's gold coat and the ridiculous amounts of buttons and tacks that kept him together.  So when my mom asked me, I was more than happy to give this retro beauty an overhaul.  I grew up with him, after all.  While waiting for Santa, a friend or boyfriend to come pick me up, to go shopping with mom, you name it.  He's seen me at my best and worst and I just felt obligated.  Wow...go off on tangents much? Y'all know I'm a wordy one.  Don't hold that against me, please. :)

Here is the before:


Tell me you don't LOVE the Ikat style fabric!

 There were many hiccups along the way. I guess that's to be expected when you add extras and change up the style not to mention battling the Texas heat!  I obviously needed to plan better.  Start to finish it took me about 7 days (well, that's early mornings, late evenings and nap times--and throw in a few in between days to plan for my daughter's birthday party) to complete.  It's worth it when it all finally works out and you are DONE!!  He's so excited to go home and show off to his furniture brothers and sisters.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Be sure to check out my projects and abundance of pics on Pinterest too!

Have a great weekend!