Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY: Vanity Makeover!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday!

First off, I've had this 1950's(?)/early 1960's(?)vanity for YEARS.  It has seen a lot of different apartments and a couple of rooms in my current home.  My husband is not a big fan of antiques so it was never really "welcome" in our bedroom.  I agreed to use it in the then guest room for a while, but then I got my way.   It was old and tattered, but still in decent shape.  About 3 or 4 years ago, I decided to paint it to coordinate with the style that we had at the time.  Sadly, I do not have a before photo with the large mirror that was once attached to it, so I apologize.  Think teak brown with that clear varnish, cracking and peeling with a large round mirror that was having some weird fading going on around the top...sounds nice, doesn't it?  I don't know WHY my hubs hated it. ;)  I did this project before I got really into DIY and really wasn't sure about what I was doing.  Here is the result picture from the first time I sanded and painted my beloved vanity a sort of khaki/cafe color (can't remember the name).  It has the original pulls and new mirror (which I got on super sale).

To be honest, I don't think that I ever really liked that color.  We change bedding comforters every year it seems like.  I buy cheap and I get what I pay for. pff.  Next time I'm getting one that costs more so it lasts longer!  
But I digress...  About a year after I painted the vanity we got a new comforter (shocker) along with that I added a newly Up-cycled dresser from (THIS) blog post and the curtains I made and the DIY artwork collage (HERE), so YEAH...this vanity needed a new look.   

I LOVED the way this came out.  However, I did have some issues with metallic brushed nickel paint, it took SEVERAL coats.  Even after sanding, this piece of furniture is like a sponge, it soaks up the paint and makes it kind of uneven.  (sigh)  I think it was 3 coats and about 6 cans of paint.  The drawers are glossy black.  Pulls are clear crystal-like knobs and handle set from Target-in store only: (Similar and Similar).

Fast forward a year or so and my craft/play room was redone.  A large computer desk got moved from there to our bedroom which left my poor sweet vanity shoved in the corner.  boo. It really wasn't serving any purpose anymore and my oldest daughter was quickly growing out of her toddler-sized vanity.  She loves to draw and color in her room and it just wasn't serving her well. That's when I sprouted the idea of giving my vanity to her.  She was over the moon excited!  I obviously needed to repaint it to match her room.  Back to the sander I went.  I H..A..T..E sanding.  HATE....IT...but it's a necessity for something like this.  I used paint remover also because like I said earlier, it's a sponge and sanding alone was not cutting it.  I ran into some hiccups along the way and even though I really wanted to use my new spray gun, spraying it on just wasn't an option for this. It made the surface of the vanity too rough and I'm not really sure why.  (If you know the cause, please leave me a comment. I would love your two cents.)  SO after a long thought process I decided to use a small roller and brush.  There were problems-insert the obvious "hey, time use a primer" here (can you say impatient?)-but after 3 coats it was looking a little shabby chic which was exactly what I wanted.  I used a medium/dark pink on three of the drawers cause that's my daughter's fave color.  I just could not bring myself to paint the whole vanity that color.  Yikes---thank goodness she didn't mind.  The Valspar paint that I used is flat and dried fast  (Lowe's).  When it was dry I used spray poly acrylic to help protect it.  I have a feeling it will be covered in pencil, marker, and crayon markings by the end of the weekend, so I'm not too hopeful it will be all that well protected. :)  Let go, Lori...let go.  

I got the pulls at Hobby Lobby which I highly recommend.  You can get cheap pulls most places, but Hobby Lobby has some fantastically unique styles and when they are on sale, you can't go wrong.  Here are the ones I purchased (don't they know they would clean up if they had an online store???):

(The top drawer shabby chic butterfly pull because she loves butterflies.)

 (Clear dark pink flower for a pretty and girly contrast.)

 (Shabby chic flower knob to go with the butterfly.)

 See the light blue Moroccan trellis contact paper (I got it on Amazon) on the drawers? The drawers are kind of hard to open and close so I figured if they are going to probably stay open they might as well look beautiful.  I also wrapped a couple of recycled food cans in the same contact paper to make pencil and marker holders.  
She now has plenty of room to create and listen to her music.  She is IN LOVE. :) 

Once you get all the parts of the project together, it's a cinch.  I think it took me (after sanding and paint scraping-blah) about 3 hours to complete.  

Who knew this piece would get painted a few different times in it's long, elderly life?  What can I say?  I LIVE to change things up.  Because I'm so steadfast in my relationships where love is involved, everything else is constantly on the change chopping block!  Soooo, don't be surprised if  you see the same pieces of furniture UP-cycled in this blog's future including this one.  Just sayin'.  ;)

Don't ever be afraid to be yourself.  Not everyone is going to dig your style, all that matters it that YOU do.  If it makes you giggle with delight you did something right! :)

Go paint the world awesome this weekend!!

Take care!

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