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NEW POST! Update and DIY Curtain Tutorial!

I'm back!  It's been such a long time since my last post...SO sorry!  If you care enough to visit my little bitty blog often and have been disappointed by my lack of posts lately, I'm both happy and sad. :) :(  Life's been crazy and taking me away from my ideas and my passion to create.  Kids' stuff, birthday parties, a few road trips, lost dog, and food poisoning (that luckily only happened to ME) put everything that is this blog, on hold.  <insert gigantic sigh here>

Ahem!  Moving on and into the idea explosion I had yesterday.  I went to Hobby Lobby for one thing.  Funny how that always changes as soon as you walk in the door!  Aaaaaaall I wanted was colored chalk board paint.  I didn't have time to dive into the many DIY recipes I've seen on Pinterest, and just wanted something quick.  Hobby Lobby did NOT have ANY!  Have y'all seen it there?  I looked in all the obvious places and it just wasn't in stock or something.  So as I searched through the aisles of HL I started sprouting more ideas, or accessories for the ideas I already had.  I ended up picking up a few odds and ends and deals I couldn't refuse.  Next, I headed over to Lowe's to see if they had any chalkboard paint.  They did....but in black...ONLY.  I texted my hubs to send me the list of things that I would need for making my own cause I felt completely over it by that point.  (my phone internet speed wasn't behaving nicely either!)  When I got the list I thought, "oh hell."  If you know me, you know that I am an impatient lil' lady and I simply didn't have time to DIY chalkboard paint...I'll save that for another day.  He mentioned Martha Stewart in his text and I instantly remembered that Michael's carries her brand.  I hardly ever go there anymore because they don't have any fabric and I must always peruse the fabrics at a craft store. :)

ANYWAY...after I picked up some spray paint that I needed wanted I made my way down the aisle and wouldn't you know that I sprouted yet ANOTHER idea!  Drop cloths were at my fingertips and they were the right size (and price) for curtains!  You see, I had a little sad accident with my DIY Lori made block colored black and white curtains (no post on those yet, but I will write one when I figure out how to fix them up).
Here they are/were:

They are assembled with stitch wich and some fabric adhesive but sadly, it never fully STUCK.  I should've sewed them for extra support.  Excuse me for being tired of the whole project after a bunch of cutting, ironing, and ironing and then some more IRONING.  They recently started coming apart when I was changing out the curtain rod.  I honestly didn't want to mess with any sewing because my sewing machine isn't the best and it gets choked up all too often.  Enter drop cloths and this super cool idea I saw to stencil them with paint and hang them as curtains.  WHAT?  Tooooo easy and awesome.  To be even more awesome Lowe's had the Valspar sample paint for $3 right next to the drop cloths and I found the perfect color to match my other artwork in the room.  Happy camper am I. :)

I honestly don't trust my stenciling abilities, or lack thereof, because I've tried on smaller projects and it looks like a gloppy mess, so stripes was the design of choice.

Here's how I did it thanks to the set up help of this lovely lady's tutorial: Lisa @ Shine Your Light.  
I really just wanted to see how things went for her and see if I was brave enough to take it on.

I armed myself with:
2 drop cloths (6' x 9')
2 jars of sample valspar paint (EXACT: Valspar Late Sun @ Lowe's)
Small to medium paint roller
trash bags for protecting while I paint

I laid out all the trash bags and stretched the drop clothes out.

Next, I taped off my design.

The painting begins!

This wasn't the funnest thing in the world to do, but also not the hardest.

Awesome!  I didn't wait until they were dry to pull the tape off cause I'm impatient and really wanted to see how my skills would prevail.  I was really impressed that I had no bleeding or horrible spots.  

HUNG!  This wasn't too difficult to hang on those claw rings.  Fold, bunch, clip.  I also didn't hem them, just folded them underneath so they wouldn't be so puddled.  

On a side note, as you will see in Lisa's post, she laundered and ironed hers.  I did NOT.  Mine are pretty wrinkled, but I like it.  Is that weird?  Maybe I just didn't want to mess with it cause, I am impatient.  Have I mentioned that before? :)  Like it would be hard for y'all to pick that up if you read my blog on a regular basis. ;)  Anyway, do what YOU want, because I honestly like the "imperfect" in all things in life, including these lovelies. :)
**(Excuse my ugly pictures.  I love my phone camera but I am going to be switching to my Canon professional for my future projects.  You'll thank me for it.)**

I will make sure I post more often, sometimes life just gets in the way!
Tomorrow's project post is especially cool and the whole point to my first paragraph rant about chalkboard paint. ;)  Be sure to come back to check it out!

Make something lack luster into something beautiful today. It will make you smile from the inside out!

Be creative!!


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