Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY: Tiny Bathroom REDO

There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint and some new accessories to breathe new life into any sad little space.  We have this tiny, tiny, tiny bathroom on our main level.  It's called a "powder room" and I guess that's a fancy way of saying tiny, tiny, tiny bathroom-with no bath. :)  This little room has seen many coats of paint over the years.  Mainly cause I just never liked anything at 100% satisfaction.  We had this house built and we are pretty sure they put in the wrong color tile, but by the time we noticed it we were over the whole process and just decided it was "ok."  Anyway, I've been trying to find paint colors that would make it look better, and just don't think I ever succeeded until now.  It's been pureed carrots orange...NO--especially since we bleed crimson and cream around here--I changed that real quick to a Cabernet-colored red which was just dark and gloomy for a tiny space--fail numero dos (#2), then when my hubs was painting my eldest daughter's room, when I was enormously preggo with her and couldn't do any painting, I told him to slap a coat of that sage green on the walls in the powder room.  At first I thought, ok, this works.  As the years went on I just was so sick of it.  It looks great in my daughter's room with all her whites and dark pinks, but in this tiny space with a brown rug, and my black and yellow accessories it just wasn't workin' y'all.  It needed to be refreshed.  Then I thought, "I just finished a project that took me a week and here I am at Home Depot buying paint????  Wth is wrong with me??"  But I digress...I found this awesome grey-khaki color that tied in well with my "mistake" tile.  It ONLY took me an afternoon to paint that little room and was thankful for once that it is THAT small.  :)  I had a few accessories I wanted to reuse, so those were in the back of my mind when I went shopping for what is now my new zig-zag shag rug.  I painted my silver mirror a bright white and at 10pm I painted a flower abstract.  I was just in the zone and when that is happening, I roll like the river.  Hoping to find a new lighting fixture soon, those shell sconces scream 2003...ugh.

Here are the before and after shots:


You like that giant hole in the wall?  That is from us ripping off the builder's crappy mirror several years ago--wow :|

 Ta-da!  I'm sure you recognize my basket storage from a few posts ago. We have a built-in linen closet in there, but those baskets make it more inviting for guests, in my opinion.
 All other art made by me with things I had and recycled.

My recycled mirror!  Love painting things I already own and love.

Flower abstract--this is so easy for anyone to do.  Loops on a plain white canvas and done. I also cut out silly flower shapes from felt to give it more texture and extra whimsy.

I hope you will find inspiration to freshen up a space you deem not so fresh. :)  It makes a huge difference to do a few little things to spruce something up.

*Side Note:  I'm getting ready to start my Re-Upholstery tutorial that I hope you guys and gals find informative and creative.  It's a big project but don't be afraid of it!  You will definitely learn a few things about yourself along the way.  :)  Tune in for that next week!    In the meantime I am sprouting a few ideas that I will try to execute and post before, during and after the great chair adventure!

Now go do something amazing!  Don't be afraid of letting your creative side shine.  It's a gift we are ALL given.  :)


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