Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY: Decorative Counter top Storage!

Hello !  Again I have to apologize for waiting over a week to post another project/idea!  I've been knee, waist, head deep in my current giant project!  OY!  (those pics and a future tutorial soon to come).

This project post is about another cool idea I got when I was helping my husband go through some old things.  His mom was an avid beanie baby collector (among other things) and has TONS of those plastic display cases.  As soon as I touched them them the idea to make them into decorative storage boxes hit me. I need some organization BIG time in my bathroom.  I would show you what it looks like, but I'm just not gonna go there.

Soooo, since most of the beanies are going to our girls, rather than be sold on ebay for peanuts, I decided to get some cool scrap paper and start mod podge-ing.  :)

Here are the boxes as they were (some even have lids! kids' crayons?  girls' hair accessories? yea, you follow me.)

The paper I chose to go with my bathroom decor.

Let the gooey sticky fun begin!

Love these!!  
(Side Note:  I started using my "good camera" for this project.  I think the pics are so much better than my phone can offer.) 

This is SUCH an easy project that anyone can do.  Find an old container you've got lying around and up-cycle that bad boy! 

Coming soon---Chair Makeover and tiny bathroom re-do!  Please come back to check those out!

Create something magnificent today! 

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