Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chalkboard Wall Art

As you know if you read yesterday's post, I rambled on and on about my hunt for chalkboard paint and the reason for all that biz is this project. :)
I went thrifting the other day and found some cute abundance.  (Someone gave away WHITE frames...still in the package from Pier 1!  YES...GAVE...AAAAAWAY!!  GASP!!  Sorry, I just don't get that.)   This set also came home with me for some refreshments. :)

Old fashioned, huh?  My favorite kind of style to improve upon is "old fashion."  The curves, the beading, the details you just can't match with the clean lines of today.  The potential is just ooooozing from them.  These are large and I was thinking that they could totally be used as trays if you add a couple of cabinet handles to them.  Would be so cute, huh?  Hmm...I might have to give that a try one day!

I am, however, using them for chalkboard art.  They were cleaned and disassembled and prepped for paint!  I sprayed the frames a couple of different grey colors (mainly because one of my cans clogged and started spitting...RUDE).  I decided to paint the lovely works of art grey too because they were stuck like glue on those boards and I didn't want to rip things up.

As I get into the chalkboard painting part, I have to tell you to do  When it comes to painting that stuff on glass, you must scratch it up with low grit sandpaper and wipe it off with a clean cloth.  Also, follow the paint maker's instructions.  Most of the time I learn things by trial and many errors but normally try to research things at least a little bit.  I did NOT, however, paint these the right way and even though I tried to "fix" the problem it still isn't what I had hoped for. 
See?  Yuck.

It's a gorgeous color and will work great on other things, but this time I am nixing the glass and since I spray painted those cardboard backings grey, I used the OTHER chalkboard color (grey-ish taupe) that I got.  I know myself well enough to think ahead and in a "just in case" mode.   Luckily, that color and the whole project came out so cute!

Go check out some garage sales or flea markets this weekend!  You might just find a few rough "diamonds" that need polishing. :)


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