Friday, March 15, 2013

Powder Room Storage

For years I have wanted to put up SOMETHING in my tiny powder room for storage, that guests could access, if needed.  What to do ?  A shelf?  Two?  Maybe boxes or a medicine cabinet?? to all.  Then I came across this little gem of an idea from my personal blogging hero, Carmel @  By the way you need to go check her site out.  Her house is Aaaaa-mazing.

Here is her idea, window boxes on the wall.  AWESOME!

I went with the same concept but did it a little different.  At one of my DIY meccas, I found baskets on super sale, and as I browsed around trying to remember what Carmel used, I found decorative iron wall hooks.  Here is my version of the original:
I really love this idea.  Gets things up, up and away.  

Now go implement an idea you have or one that you found and make it your own! 

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