Friday, March 15, 2013

My Furniture Makeover

Greetings fellow idea hunters.  This is an exciting post for me because it features all the furniture (my own and thrift store finds) that I have either lightly sprayed a glorious new sheen or sanded down to bare bones with 3 or 4 coats of latex.  Either way you paint it, it breathes new life into things you or someone else once loved, or just some awful thing you inherited from your Aunt Edna. :)

Without further adieu here are my lovelies...

This coffee table was my first furniture painting adventure. The top was espresso that I painted white, then I zig-zagged.  Fun, fun.

 This dresser was $60 at Salvation Army and it is perfect for a mini buffet in my dining room that holds my place mats, napkins, candles and seasonals. 
This table was bought on auction for $50....distressed and dimpled wood top was crazy to paint, but I did  a lot of priming and sanding, then spray painted it ocean blue.  Excuse the monkeys cheesin' in their hiding place. :)
And here it is in it's gorgeous blue glory!  I love the pop of color people are greeted with as they walk in the front door.
My cheap 70's teak dresser that had to belong to an older woman who sewed because it was in perfect condition and had left over sewing needles in one of the drawers.  My hubs sanded it and I painted it white and used the original knobs painted with flat black spray paint.
Ikea kids' table set for $20 that was au natural.  After owning it for a year, I decided it was time to pretty it up with the Krylon Watermelon, glossy white and modge podge the seats with this demask scrap paper.  My girls feel so fancy now as they spill their snacks.:)  It's protected with spray worries. 
This is my latest project.  Side tables that sit in different rooms of my house.  Grey is the new black in my mind and so white on grey sounded lovely and hip.  Primed then sprayed with glossy white and satin granite grey because I had a can left over from my farmhouse table project.

I hope y'all enjoyed this little tour of my DIY furniture make overs! I want to give a shout out to  Brooke @ All Things Thrifty  Her post (here: everything-i-know-about-spray-paint) taught me a thing or two or ten.  If nothing but to be patient so you get it done right, not just fast, which is a hard pill for me to swallow.  Thanks Brooke!  

You are now free to grab a piece of drab furniture in your house and turn it into something new.  I know you've been thinking about, I know you want to.  :)  BE BOLD!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lori, where did you get the side tables for your latest project?

    Love everything you've done, such talent!


    1. Thanks Sarah! Thanks for reading and becoming a member. :) I love your style so it's an honor to have you here! :)
      I got the tables at Star Furniture a LONG time ago, like maybe 8 years ago. They were stained espresso with black iron base. I was worried about them looking too retro (if that's even possible) with the white and grey, but they add a nice color pop next to my other furniture.