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DIY Crate Coffee Table

Recently I was inspired on Pinterest (who isn't?  and if you aren't a pinner yet, go get your invite!  SO much "PINspiration!") when I found a crate coffee table.  Yes.  A coffee table made out of those pine wood crates   at Joann that I've never known what to do with.  I always thought, "hmmm" but never sprouted an idea of my own.  Then I found this little cutie pie here: Vintage Wine Crate Coffee Table from DIY Vintage Chic.  Girl, you are a true artist!

I knew I needed this table for my family room.  A little storage and something smaller that I could move out of the way when my little ones want to play.  So I embarked on my own DIY crate table journey and enlisted my husband's help!  Luckily for me, Joann had exactly 4 crates, which is what I needed.   We then bought wood for the table frame and 4 cute little chubby legs.  Where I respect DIY Vintage Chic's design and her step-by-step process, we did have to figure out a few things on our ow…

Art Projects: Wooden Plaques

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby for the sole purpose of ....browsing. :)  That place just gets my juices flowing, but enough about my love affairs with the ultimate craft shops in the world.  Ever since I blogged about wooden plank art, I have had it on the brain...obsessing.  As I browsed, I started sprouting ideas.  I typically don't buy pre-made home decor unless it's REALLY cheap.  I found a couple of mirrors that were under $5 and thought....hmmm.  I love mirrors and putting them on a decorative piece of wood?  Now we're talkin'!

I started off with those cheap wooden plaques, pre-cut and sanded.  I touch them, I see the vision and I was off to get the rest of my necessities.

2 Wood Plaques, 2 small wooden mirrors, black paint, green tree limp scrap book paper, mod podge,  super glue, sponges, *optional sanding sponge
I painted both boards first and the paint dried really quickly.  I didn't care that much about making it perfect because I would eventually cover th…

My Baubles

I have been making jewelry for years, rather, WAS making jewelry until I got into the busy occupation of having and raising babies.  It got pushed to the back burner and even though I still wear some pieces, I still miss expressing that creative side of me.  I have done a few shows in my time as a designer and I really need to get back to it.  As I dust the cobwebs off and sharpen my skills, I will showcase more of my designer pieces, so keep a look out!  Maybe one day I will be brave enough to set up shop on Etsy.   The dream is on the horizon...

This necklace was made from cranberry garland beads I got at Michael's on super duper sale.  They worked great and I love that it's a pop of color you can wear any time.

Next is this multi-string necklace with clear and pearl colored beads of various sizes and textures.

Where I do get inspiration from other designers, I take pride in the fact that all my pieces are one of a kind and made from my own vision, by me.  I can't wait to …

How To: Recovering Chair Cushions

My first tutorial!  The first of many, I hope.  This one in particular is something I know a lot about because I've done it more than 5 times.  That makes me a know-it-all...right?  ;)

Chair cushions, next to painting, are a super easy way to bring something fresh and new to your kitchen nook, your front entry, or wherever you plan to put the chair(s).   The set I show you in this tutorial are from my farmhouse table project (check it out here:  The seat boards on the original craigslist purchase were in decent shape.  All I needed to do (to feel good about re-using them---they were a little wet) was air dry them for a full day on my back patio which gets lots of sun.   Good as new!

Let's get started, shall we?

What you'll need:
1. Seat boards.If you cannot re-use the originals, measure each chair individually.  From what I've experienced, you never know when "identical" anythin…

Letters, Words, Phrases--not just for books anymore!

I had been looking for a mirrored window for a LONG time.  Time and time again I would browse the "large frame" section of my local Goodwill and then I FINALLY found it!  It was once a peachy, beige color,   I guess you could call it neutral?  Didn't matter what color it my mind it was going to be white.  I painted it kinda rough/shabby because it was just that in texture.  After it was complete, sans letters, I put it up in 4 different places.....yea...FOUR.  It just wasn't right in any of the spots or rooms that I had envisioned.  Sitting at  my kitchen table pondering over my dilemma, I looked up and it hit me like a pie in the face.  My breakfast nook!  That's where it belonged!  So up it went with some shifting of other things to make room.  I stared at it for days thinking it still needed something.  The finished product shows you just what it desired...our family of four.  :)  I love this wall so much and now I feel like it loves me.

Don't b…

Plywood and Wall Stickers

Let me start off by saying that I am not an artist, well not in the professional, super fantastic way.  I am an amateur at best and basically just let my mind TRY to tell my hand how to do things.  Nothing EVER comes out the way I want it to, even so, whatever transpires still impresses me. :)

Purchasing artwork can be very expensive, so I generally make my own these days when I need to "fluff" my nest (which is quite often).  My most utilized materials include blank canvases (you can get a steal of a deal when Joann has them on sale) and fabrics.  For some reason I felt the need for something "new" on my walls.  A few months ago I was looking through the cut plywood section of Lowe's while hunting down some peg board and discovered these cheap medium-ish squares that I thought would be perfect for some kind of homemade art.  My only problem was how and what would I paint on it, or even maybe glue to it?  Then it hit me....wall stickers!  Wall stickers are awes…

My Furniture Makeover

Greetings fellow idea hunters.  This is an exciting post for me because it features all the furniture (my own and thrift store finds) that I have either lightly sprayed a glorious new sheen or sanded down to bare bones with 3 or 4 coats of latex.  Either way you paint it, it breathes new life into things you or someone else once loved, or just some awful thing you inherited from your Aunt Edna. :)

Without further adieu here are my lovelies...

This coffee table was my first furniture painting adventure. The top was espresso that I painted white, then I zig-zagged.  Fun, fun.
This dresser was $60 at Salvation Army and it is perfect for a mini buffet in my dining room that holds my place mats, napkins, candles and seasonals.   LOVE! This table was bought on auction for $50....distressed and dimpled wood top was crazy to paint, but I did  a lot of priming and sanding, then spray painted it ocean blue.  Excuse the monkeys cheesin' in their hiding place. :) And here it is in it's gorgeou…