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A DIY Lori Christmas Special!

Greetings andhappy holidaysto you all!  I wanted to share some Christmas spirit and what better way than a DIY Lori Christmas decor extravaganza!  My house is FILLED with my creations this year.  I probably took on too much considering Santa needs a ton of help and my husband's birthday falls so close to the "big day," but I just couldn't stop myself.  A few things were created last year; acquired several years ago;  some updated pieces; a lot of the items hot off my glue gun and paint crusted work table. :)

First off, welcome to my home...(maybe one day I will brave a full on tour, after I've accomplished some other big projects I have planned for early 2014.  If my husband is reading this right now he probably sighed loudly and his eyes rolled around a few times. ;)  

Soooo...let's get on with the tour, shall we?

 I'm starting with my mantel because I love it so much.  My taste and admiration for things change occasionally, so this mantel got a holiday…

Upholstery and Design and a Giveaway!

Greetings DIY-ers!  Today I'm going back in time and revisiting my upholstery projects and sharing a giveaway tip I received from a fellow DIY blogger.  Yay!

If you follow me here at home or on My Pinterest Boards, you know that I have this love/hate relationship with upholstering.  I hate the work, but love love love the outcome MORE.  It's all worth the bloody, stiff fingers and many mistakes and do-overs that I have to power through to get to the finish line. Would you like to see the projects (again)?   Sure!  :) 
My first (click here for blog post):

My Second (click here for blog post): 

I like to remind myself that hard work and determination is all I ever need to put forth when doing super huge projects like these!
So, recently I received a sweet comment on the pink chair post from the lovely ladies at The Little Yellow Couch.  Sad to say I wasn't aware of their blog since sometimes I barely have time to breathe, let alone look at the glorious creations of others-hate…

DIY Staircase Makeover!

Long time no see me!
 I've been working for a few weeks on  my awesome staircase makeover project.  It was a LOT of work.  A LOT more than I (and everyone else involved) had anticipated.  Yikes.  This project was definitely not done in haste.  There was a tons of researching and even more convincing to do where my husband was concerned.  Usually it doesn't take much to say "hey, babe....I'm thinking of doing this..." and he's on board.  However, the staircase was major construction in his eyes which I thought was just crazy....he was crazy, NOT me. :)  If only I had looked through his analytic vision instead of my usual overly creative, rainbow colored glasses.  Everything was going to be simple I assured him.  Well I was <gulp> wrong.  That left a dirty taste in my mouth.

My research began in the folder of home building pictures we had an abundance of.  If I could see what was constructed before the carpet was put on I would be able to prove my case a…

DIY Master Bedroom Decor Update

Yesterday I did a quick makeover to our master bedroom.  I received our new comforter and hadn't realized how much it did NOT go with the decor I already had and loved.  SIGH....dilema.  So I went to Hobby Lobby for some inspiration and threw several things together and updated what I already had; re-purposed a plank my husband had in the garage; changed out the curtains; and reorganized my art. :)

This is what it was before with the old comforter that turned into complete TRASH in less than a year.   Note to self, "buy cheap, receive cheap."

This is the close up to my DIY art work (fabrics on canvas, painted mirrors,etc)
After I put on my new bedding and realized how awful it looked with everything currently in the room (tear) I decided I needed to make it look a lot more cohesive and romantic and who doesn't need a little more of that? ;)
All of the artwork on the walls are my own designs and creations except for the white wash iron emblem that I got at Hobby Lobb…

DIY: Updated Thrift Store Clock!

Greetings, friends!
In my busy days of ideas, projects that are completely over my head, and well mommyhood, I squeezed in a quickie project. :)  This post is going to be short and sweet.  I went to Goodwill a couple of days ago which was my first trip in over a month, or 2?  Needless to say I was looking for some "thrift-spiration!"  I found it in this wonderful old clock that I scored for $9.

Maybe it was too much, but the clock motor was new and I trusted that it would work...and it did. I knew I wanted to paint this clock a bold, vibrant color like coral or turquoise, I did NOT know, however, what I would do with the face.  Most of the ideas I had went out the window when I couldn't figure out how to open up the back of the clock to remove its paper face.  UGH.  I got the important parts off (ie; the glass flip top and hardware including hands), sanded this wooden beauty and painted it, well you'll see... :)

As you can see I decided to paint the face with chalkb…

DIY: Halloween Decor!

Hey y'all!  Halloween is just around the corner! Time to get out the decorations and I have a great idea for you.
Last year while browsing Pinterest for spooky ideas, I was inspired by this fabulous sign from Sharon Burkert @ As The Ink Dries.  I just had to give it a try, the DIY Lori way.

I had a frame that could be recycled, but headed to Hobby Lobby for some boo-tiful scrap paper, wooden letters, black spray paint, and double sided tape.  All of the aforementioned and some scissors or a rotary cutter is all you'll need to complete this project.

Lets do this:

Obviously you can spell out whatever you want, but I chose "BOO."
I painted the letters first so they could dry while I work on the rest. Rust-Oleum is my go-to spray paint.  In my experience/opinion it works the best and dries fast.

Cut your decorative paper to size.  (I decided to overlap three different patterns/paper.)
Use double sided (clear) tape to make your background and then to tape it to the INSIDE …